Ken Conte - vocals

Matt Levine - guitar

Guy Julian - bass guitar

Ross Levine - drums/guitar

Jeremy Jessen - guitar

Steve Sanderson - drums

Quick Facts

- born 1996
- Ken, Guy and Steve were members of Brown Lobster Tank (Dr. Strange Records)
- Matt and Ross are former members of Welt (Dr. Dream Records)
- Guy are Steve are also in Gameface (Dr. Strange, Revelation, Doghouse Records)
- Jeremy was in Align (33rd St./Iguana Records, Blue Worm Records) and is in All The Way Rider
- Ken, Guy and Steve live in Southern California
- Matt and Ross live in Northern California
- Jeremy lives near St Paul, Minnesota
- The band's home base is Orange County, CA
- Between their time in BLT, Welt, Gameface, and Align they have about
19 U.S. tours and 2 international tours under their collective belts.
- 5 U.S. tours and one Canadian tour as The Tank
- The band recently worked with producer Lou Giordano


...standing in your way - 7"
Dr. Strange Records
spring 1997

You Don't Have to be Tom Jones, Volume Two - Comp CD
Coolidge Records
summer 1998

There is No "I" in Band - LP/CD
Dr. Strange Records
winter 1999

Demonstrating Potential - EP/CD
Does Everyone Stare?/Boss Tuneage
spring 2001

Does Everyone Stare Presents: A Various Artist Complication - CD
Does Everyone Stare?
summer 2002

Boss Tuneage Autumn 2002 Sampler - CD
Boss Tuneage
fall 2002

Boss Samplerage 3 -CD
Boss Tuneage
spring 2003

Glass Presser Records/
Bullion/Boss Tuneage
spring 2007