1610 miles, 4 shows, 1 good time
So we hit Tommy's, In-n-Out, Del Taco, Carls Jr. and Roberto's. But we missed Pancake Circus, and Taco John's. We also played some shows. Bought a gallon or two of gas. Ate some Otter Pops. Drank a few too many. Laughed. We ate Conte's famous fajitas. Met some new friends. Lost some old ones. Drove till the sun came up after driving while the sun went down, and then drove some more. Ate some really dry jerky. Renewed our love affair with caffine and sunflower seeds. Thanks to Blunderbust in Reno. Eightfourseven and the Sacto faithfull. Buckinham 51, and those cherished few who did make to Pomona. Ziggy and Another Zeke Productions in San Diego. And of course you, for meaning to go but not making it out. It's okay, we understand. Maybe next time. -tankguy
Good News!


We need a label. Don't push us, we might just put it out ourselves!
If anybody actually reads this please let me know. The Tank is currently looking for a label. We would like to actually release another record. I know, I know, it's crazy talk. Hopefully before the end of 2006. We have more than an albums worth. (Look I just wrote "album", how old am I? ) All the songs have been recorded. It's ready to go and so are we. We hope to do some touring of the US, UK, Europe, and Japan after we release said "album". Tell your Mom to give you some money to start a label. We could be your first release. It would be very cool, I promise. All your friends would be jealous. We'd buy you beer. When you get older you'd look back with fond memories. "Good 'ol Uncle Tank, always used to buy me beer", that's what you'd say. Good times. -tankguy
Hurricane Katrina
I don't think there is anything we can say. The American Red Cross
Tommy's, Pancake Circus, and Del Taco
Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this past weekend. Those of you who came to the Friar Tuck's show witnessed probably the best Tank show to date with the new line up. We had a very productive weekend. 2 shows 500 miles apart, one new song, and a new studio for practice. Nobody puked, no terrible hangovers, and lots of good food including some home cooking. The only downside is that Ross broke another kick drum pedal. Nothing to report on any Tank releases. Things are moving very slow. We'll probably have a couple albums worth of songs written before we release the CD we've already finished. Hope you're doing well... "explore the space" -tankguy
July 7th, 2005
I'm not sure what to say on days like these. We live in a world that changes rapidly. Some changes may be good, some may be bad, depending on your own personal views. I hope we can all agree that the events today in London are horrible. Our thoughts go out to those who are suffering. -tankguy
Drive Blind
We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to the latest Sacto and Reno shows. We had a great time and we hope you did too. Ken and I didn't sleep for two days. I wish I could say it was because we were up partying after too much rock, but no, it had more to do with driving home to SoCal at 4AM from Reno after hanging out in a coffee shop. It wouldn't be so bad if I would let someone else drive, I guess... Jeremy still hasn't had his Reno adventure, but maybe next time. We're working on a bunch of shows coming up starting in July, keep checking back for updates. We have two new songs that we added to our set and they both rock in their own special way. Check out myspace if you haven't yet. Have a rad summer! -tankguy
3636 miles in a plane, 1253 miles in the van...

We want to thank everyone who came out to the shows this past weekend. We had a great time and we hope you did too. We never found our adventure in Reno though, maybe next time. Special thanks to Pierre from Pascal for getting us the Reno show, and Zac for the super fabulous slumber party. Good times.

Jeremy's first two shows with The Tank have solidified his spot in the band. It's hard to imagine The Tank without him now.

In case you weren't aware, Jeremy lives just outside of St Paul, Minnesota. If we could just convince him to move somewhere between Sacramento (Matt and Ross) and Orange County/Inland Empire (Guy and Ken) we would have the perfect fit. Does anyone own real estate in Fresno?

We hope to see all of our SoCal friends at the Knitting Factory show on the 16th of April. Vote Pedro.


moving on...
The Tank without Steve.

Hey friends,

In case you didn't already know, Steve is no longer in The Tank.

He was called up to the majors and is the new drummer for Instruction. We had our last show with Steve this past weekend and it was great. We wish him all the best.

Ross will be moving back to drums for now, but we're trying to remain flexible as to the future of our line up. It's nice that we have multi-talented band members and so many awesome friends that we can call on in a pinch.

Jeremy Jessen (formerly of Align) will be filling in on guitar. We're lucky to know such a great man.

Things are looking good for our future... stay tuned


Hey, check it out, a new blog entry.
The story behind our new flyer.

This was our inspiration for the latest tank show flyer:

Stickers on a Clovis (New Mexico) man's car portray cartoon images of bare-breasted female devils in sexually compromising positions. And the images have caught the attention of Clovis police.

Officials have charged 31-year-old Dean Young, the owner of a yellow Ford Focus displaying the images, with distribution of sexually oriented materials to minors. The charge is a misdemeanor carrying a maximum punishment of 364 days in jail and $1,000 fine. Young is scheduled to appear in magistrate court on the charges in the next few weeks.

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