1610 miles, 4 shows, 1 good time

So we hit Tommy's, In-n-Out, Del Taco, Carls Jr. and Roberto's. But we missed Pancake Circus, and Taco John's. We also played some shows. Bought a gallon or two of gas. Ate some Otter Pops. Drank a few too many. Laughed. We ate Conte's famous fajitas. Met some new friends. Lost some old ones. Drove till the sun came up after driving while the sun went down, and then drove some more. Ate some really dry jerky. Renewed our love affair with caffine and sunflower seeds. Thanks to Blunderbust in Reno. Eightfourseven and the Sacto faithfull. Buckinham 51, and those cherished few who did make to Pomona. Ziggy and Another Zeke Productions in San Diego. And of course you, for meaning to go but not making it out. It's okay, we understand. Maybe next time. -tankguy