We need a label. Don't push us, we might just put it out ourselves!

If anybody actually reads this please let me know. The Tank is currently looking for a label. We would like to actually release another record. I know, I know, it's crazy talk. Hopefully before the end of 2006. We have more than an albums worth. (Look I just wrote "album", how old am I? ) All the songs have been recorded. It's ready to go and so are we. We hope to do some touring of the US, UK, Europe, and Japan after we release said "album". Tell your Mom to give you some money to start a label. We could be your first release. It would be very cool, I promise. All your friends would be jealous. We'd buy you beer. When you get older you'd look back with fond memories. "Good 'ol Uncle Tank, always used to buy me beer", that's what you'd say. Good times. -tankguy